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Re: Emerald Joust

> > >I don't know which side won (I'm not sure anyone knows)
> > 
> > Konrad, cambock is neither won nor lost--only enjoyed. As Dafydd often 
> > points out, goals are irrelevant--it's the highlight films that count. 
> True, true!  In cambok, such things as teams, boundrys and the score are 
> meaningless.  As was stated at the Emerald Joust game, the teams were 'Us 
> vs Them' and the score was '6 to J'.  And great fun (if wet and muddy) 
> was had by all.  
> And the new sticks are great!

But Aelfgar Greyseas (he of the Low Profile<tm>), still maintains that
Cambok will never become a truly interesting sport until the introduction
of archery. But then Aelfgar doesn't get out much.

In service,

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