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Re: Cambok Rules

Konrad asks about the rules for Cambok.

Well, there are the _rules_, and the _philosophy_.

Nobody can grab and hold the ball
Don't be dangerous to others
Try to get the ball into the opponent's goal

Rule #2 above includes a number of things:
	No high-sticking.  This is very important, as very few of the
		players have any experience with stick games, and any
		stick raised above the waist is VERY dangerous when
		40 people without training are playing.
	No collisions.  Don't tackle or bodyblock with momentum.  That
		is how football players hurt themselves, much less us.
But basically, rule #2 says "don't be an idiot, we're all friends".
So if the ball goes into a pavilion, sure you can chase it, but if
someone else gets there first let them bring it out before checking
them.  And you can push and shove to your heart's content, until it
gets dangerous.

These rules have been so successful that we commonly have ladies
5' tall and 100 lbs playing at the same time as men of the stature
of Galmr, Kane, and Cuan (which is to say, the range of sizes for
Cambok is approximately One Dafydd, +/-50%).

The highlight film is the objective, not the final score.  So you
want to gloat, scream, and glory in every goal, but not count them.
And you should laugh at every spastic misplay or pratfall, when
someone goes sliding in the mud ineptly.  Admire every good play,
regardless of who makes it (gloat if it is you, as loud as possible).

Glory in your successes: one of my fondest memories of the game at
Emerald is when I took a break for a while.  When I returned, the
group of people who had been playing against me in particular yelled
out "The Evil One is Back", which was a higher accolade than many I
have received.

Dafydd (Meus Sanguis Camboki Fervet)