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Re: Braveheart

<Heck, the Bruce family had Roberts
<at least as far back as before 1141, the year Robert Bruce, First Lord <of
<Annandale died. I think it was this Bruce who fought with the Wallace
<of Braveheart. Wasn't it???
<In service (and not a little confusion),

Yes, there were far too many Robert Bruces.  When King Alexander III died in
1284 with no heir, Robert the Bruce was one of the main contenders for the
throne, but Balliol beat him out with King Edward's help.  He probably
corresponds to the leper in the film.  It was this man's grandson, Robert the
Bruce, who lead the Scots at Bannockburn in 1314, and became King Robert I.
The earliest Bruce I know of was Robert de Brus who came from Normandy in
1066 with William the Conqueror.  This man's grandson founded the Bruce name
in Scotland, and I beleive is the Lord of Annondale you speak of.
If you are really interested in the Bruce lineage, check out Chapter 2 of
_Scottish Kings_ by Gordon Donaldson (ISBN 0-88029-995-9), called "The House
of Bruce and the Accession of the Stewarts."