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Re[2]: Braveheart [SPOILERS]

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Greetings to all those at the Merry Rose!

Just thought I'd add my 2 cents.

I think I liked Rob Roy better. (Don't hit me!) Unfortunately, I found that I 
had to close my eyes through most of Braveheart, it was SOOOOO bloody. Body 
parts everywhere. Yes, I know, that is more realistic, but I can't help it, it 
was gross. I guess Rob Roy was more of a love story and Braveheart a war story, 
and I'll admit preferring the former.

However, I certainly wouldn't kick Mel outta bed!  ;)  Nor Liam for that 

And Eogan asked:
"Was Ed II really gay?"

Well, I was in the Plantagenet class at last university, and the instuctor 
(forgive me I have forgotten his name) told us he WAS. Richard I too. I wonder 
how many others??  :)

Elayne Fitzjames