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Re[2]: Finances

I also don't have all the information related to finances, and I am looking 
forward to seeing it.  But before too many people get upset at too little 
information, may I point out:

1. We have no reason to assume that the information Earl Dafydd so kindly 
provided to us was the budget for any year besides this year.  Thus, there is 
also no reason to assume that the $1200 line item for regalia is an *annual* 
line item.  

I know that we arranged for donations to the Kingdom for new crowns this year, 
and I know that the amount needed was somewhere in the $1200 range. And I know 
that - if accounting is being done right - anything we buy should be included in
a line item in the budget, whether from designated donations or not.  Therefore,
until shown otherwise, *I'm* going to assume that the regalia line item was this
year's purchase of the crowns, which was paid for by specific donations.

2. I may be incorrect, but I understood that Great Officers have a stipend that 
does *not* include postage, and that their actual postage costs are reimbursed 
with receipts.  I believe, for instance, that the MoL probably uses a lot of 
postage costs dealing with fighter cards.  And I believe that the Herald's 
office needs to send the Letters of Intent each month to all the members of the 
college of arms, as well as replying to their LoIs, sending accept/reject 
notices to Atlantians, etc.   I don't know how much all this adds up to, but it 
could be a lot - *much* more than the great officers ever get in stipend.

Again, my info is also limited. But I'm going to wait to see facts, and not get 
upset about assumptions.

Anne of Carthew