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 These are my personal thoughts to the expenditure
report.  I'm not saying that my opinions are the absolutely
only correct ones.  But I do think some serious discussions
need to be made on this subject of kingdom finances.  The
main issue should be are all these items necessary in the first
place.  Also, I think a lot more itemizing is needed as this list 
is so general the categories don't show what is covered.  Some
prime examples:  the Royal Regalia and Postage categories.
I would also like to know more about the Out of Kingdom 
travel fund and how is this fund so seperate from the Pennsic
travel fund category.
> Expenditures:
> Crown Travel In Kingdom (2x$500)	               $1000
When did this start? and Why?  It must be very recent as I
have never heard of it before now.   It was my understanding
that *ALL* Crown contenders HAD to be *capable* of the
financial responsiblities that go with the office.  Not to mention, 
the Crown and/or Heirs as a courtesy have always been 
exempt from event fees.  Though,  several VERY gracious
monarchs have insisted and paid for themselves.  Also, are
not these expenses tax deductible? This is a totally unneeded
expense, particularly at this level.    
> Crown Travel out of Kingdom (2x$500)	               $1000
No, this is not needed either.  Pennsic expenses have its
own category and go with the office.  Estrella is not crtical
to Atlantians and Gulf and Fools War expenses shouldn't
come anywhere near this level nor should be they be
funded by the kingdom.   
> Crown Pennsic Travel Fund ($500)	               $  500
This expense is legitimate but should it be budgeted
this high?  
> Kingdom Pennsic Hospitality Fund (300)                     $  300
Exactly what is this?  Kegs for the Royal encampment? 
Solicitations for donations from the local group would 
totally eliminate this expense. 
> Great Officer Stipends (75 x 9 x 2)	               $1350
Could this be broken down more specifically? 
> Royal Regalia (10% of avg Kingdom Gross Receipts) $1200
A previous poster made a very good point.  I believe s/he
referred to the way this was handled during Cuan's reign:    
Could a call for items be issued by the Crown and *donated*
by any one of the many talented artisans or local groups
in kingdom with generous recognition by the Crown in court
with a scroll or award and if needed, the crafter could be 
reimbursed the cost of materials?
I believe that was the jist of the previous post if I'm wrong 
please refresh my memory.  Never the less, it is an expense
that should be eliminated at this level.  $200 is a lot more
> Postage				               $1000
University mailings, I assume?  Again, isn't this level quite
> Contingency/Emergency Funds		               $1000
How often is this used? and what constitutes a kingdom
emergency?  Has it been used before?  If not, should it
not exist from year to year at this level with out continuous
replenishing of the fund?   
> Total			                                 $7350
> Income is 75% of profits from Twelfth Night, Coronations,
> and Crown Tourneys.
What about the Board nonmember tax?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but does not the Kingdom get back
1 out of every 3 dollars per non member per event?  Or is 
this amount so off set by the required Atlantian membership 
policy of pay-to-play that the $1 out of $3 return amount is
such a minimal amount that it is not worth mentioning?
More details would definitely be appreciated and do the 
receipts indicate that this level of funding is needed?  There
*are* receipts, right? 
I'm interested in hearing other thoughts on this matter before
we apply more money to the budget.  If the expenditures can
be reduced, this present financial crisis can be averted.  It is
always healthy to examine budgets in any organization and 
lots of problems can be avoided by open discussion.
In service to the Dream,
Evita Maria