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Re: Finances

Greetings to the patrons of the Merry Rose in Cheapside from Konrad der
ruhige Baer.

Earl Dafydd's recent post regarding the Kingdom finances was quite
interesting and raised some good questions.  I have not seen Master Thomas'
letter so I find it difficult to comment in good faith.  But there are
several points I would like to make or have clarified:

1.  The GOofS stipend - $75 per reign - I believe this is for "office
supplies" and postage with reciepts is paid beyond the stipend.  This could
explain some of the $1000 postage.  I don't have my Red Tape here at work
but I belive this is the way it is listed. 

2.  Postage - $1000 - Part of this is probably from GOofS as stated above
and I would guess that part is from mailing the OAK and university catalogs.
 I believe at Curia Lady Anne indicated that the average cost of mailing the
Acorn was $300.  I would expect an issue of the OAK to be about the same.  

3.  Royal Regalia - $1200 - This one does not make sense to me.  At Curia
Her Majesty asked for $500 (max) for repair and replacement of regalia. 
This sounds like the price of the new crowns commissioned by the previous
monarchs which I believed were paid for by donations from the Baronies. 
Also, if this is 10% of the Kingdom gross reciepts, then the Kingdom gross
was $12,000. 

4.  Income - What was this last year?  What was the short fall?  What about
the reciepts from the sale of Gold authorization cards which goes directly
into the Kingdom travel fund.  I don't know how many fighters have Gold
cards, this may be an insignificant amout, but it is $4 per card.  

I agree with Earl Dafydd that we need to look at cutting the budget before
we raise taxes.