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Re: Braveheart

On Fri, 2 Jun 1995 JLEHMANN@dsava.com wrote:

> umm... "it's being done"...
> I recently saw a bit on TV about a movie
> being made in Scotland where the extras
> were locals who paid for the privilege of
> being in the movie - they basically bought 
> shares in the movie, which did not have any
> big-name stars or big-time budget to draw
> other investors.  Anyway, they showed some
> scenes, and the director-board thing which
> lists the act, scene, and take and gets snapped
> together when someone yells "action" had
> written on it "Bruce" - the costuming, etc.
> seemed appropriate.... 
> I want to see it when it comes out, if it makes
> it to this side of the pond.

On a slightly related note, a British series on The Crusades is set to
debut on A & E on Monday the 5th of June, produced and hosted by none
other than the eternal Terry Jones of Monty Python, who, by the way, has a
degree in Medieval Literature from Oxford.  My sister, who lives in
England, has seen it already and says it is fabulous!  This should
engender some interesting traffic next week!

Have a great weekend, my fair gentles and ladies of the Merry Rose!

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