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Re: Braveheart

> > Those are the major things that I noticed.  Any other innacuracies that
> > anyone noticed?  Was Ed II really gay?  What about the Irish forces at
> > Falkirk?  I doubt they really switched sides, although I wouldn't put it past
> > them.  Any info?
> I've never read that about the Irish.  I thought they were supporting
> Robert.  What do you think of Baigent & Leigh's idea that the troops that
> showed up near the end were renegade Templars, fleeing from their
> dissolution of 1307 in France?

All I know is what I read in my Collier's Encyclopedia.  It says,
"In 1298...Edward I led an army into Scotland and defeated Wallace
at Falkirk; the defeat resulted in part from the failure of jealous
Scottish nobles, such as Robert Bruce, to support him..."
If this is so, the premises "The Irish switched sides" and "The Irish were
supporting Robert" are not contradictory.

There was a lengthy critique of Braveheart on the Rialto that said that
although Edward II was depicted in the movie as a weak, effeminate
homosexual who didn't know how to rule effectively, there were plenty
of contemporary accounts that show him to be a vigorous, manly homosexual
who didn't know how to rule effectively.  It does cite sources.  If
anyone's interested, I could email it.  (I think it's a bit long for
the Merry Rose proper)

-- Alfredo