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RE: Finances

Earl Dafydd writes:
>I will replicate what I consider the significant part of Master Thomas'
>letter, so everyone will have this information.

I have not contacted my seneschal yet to get a copy of this letter, so I am
basing my opinion on what Earl Dafydd posted.  As soon as I have a copy, I
will mail opinion/suggestions to the appropriate persons.

I agree with Earl Dafydd's response and I would like to add two more things.

Is the extra postage amount for mailing out the University Catalogs?  I recall
receiving the University Catalog in the mail prior to a couple of these events.
Perhaps this is what the extra money is for.

Also, I have expressed to several people that the Clothier's Guild of Bright
Hills will assist with making new regalia (at least the fabric based stuff).
Granted, I've probably talked to the wrong people, but the offer still stands.
We were asked to make new banners last Pennsic and we delivered at our
barony's Transylvania Travesty Event last October. We we presented the new
banners to Their Majesties Thorbrandr & Oeran(?) we let them know that we
were (and still are) available to do more stuff.  

The clue here is that there was no charge to the Kingdom for these banners.
If we are asked to make A LOT of things we may need help with materials.  
However, the banners cost me a whole $10.00 in materials.  I think we can
manage this.

I don't think regalia needs $1200 per year allotted to it unless we are buying
new crowns every year.  A lot of this could probably be donated in either
actually making things that are needed or donating money to offset the 
cost of materials to make these things.  

Sandy Toscano
Lady Aeron Hamilton
Barony of Bright Hills