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RE: Finances

Lady Aeron Hamilton asks if the "postage" entry of $1000 in the kingdom
budget is for University catalogs.
The UA catalog, which I send out using a set of Acorn mailing labels,
is strictly an event expense. The catalog runs about 600 bucks per pop
and is paid for by the donations at the door. UA receives no money
whatsoever from the kingdom coffers. UA is financially supported only
by those people who attend the sessions and make a decision to put
money in the kitty.
(That high level of expense for the catalog is new. All the chancellors
before me used the UA database to mail catalogs, a print run of maybe
400 vice 1300. But I didn't like that, to get a catalog, one had to
have previously attended. This was especially vivid to me when I
began making plans to hold a session specifically for newcomers,
NONE of whom would have gotten a catalog, by definition.)
That's why I am always looking for free or nearly free sites. I'm a
big believer in "stone soup". It's amazing what can be done without
spending money. I was _this close_ <holds index and thumb up with just
a tiny gap> to getting a high school site in exchange for tutoring
at-risk students. The principal, who was new to the area, was really
Ticked Off to discover the school board would not permit him to waive
the rental fees, which UA simply could not afford. Would have been
a coup, tho.