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FWD>Re[2]- Braveheart [SPOI

Mail*Link(r) SMTP               FWD>Re[2]: Braveheart [SPOILERS]

Elayne Fitzjames writes:
>I think I liked Rob Roy better. (Don't hit me!) Unfortunately, I found that I

>had to close my eyes through most of Braveheart, it was SOOOOO bloody. Body 
>parts everywhere. Yes, I know, that is more realistic, but I can't help it,
>was gross. I guess Rob Roy was more of a love story and Braveheart a war
>and I'll admit preferring the former.

Scenes of flying body parts, which I have never seen in real life, are
a lot easier for me to watch than scenes of sexual violence and rotting 
animal carcasses (a la Rob Roy), which my brain can identify with all 
too well...

(Not to say that I didn't love Rob Roy and am going to buy it when it
comes out just to watch that fight scene over and over to figure out
just WHAT Cunningham is doing with that rolling, drunken-man movement...)