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Re: Braveheart

On Sun, 4 Jun 1995 Noramunro@aol.com wrote:

> just about anything.  My point about the problem of the portrayal
> of Edw. II was historiographical.  As you correctly note, "we don't
> know."  But it's the historian's duty to try to find out, or at least 
> develop a reasonable hypothesis until more information is
> discovered.  

Then historians will bicker over the the "reasonable hypothesis".  One 
proposal a mathematician proposed to me was to treat history like any 
other statistical extrapolation from a data set that is substantialy less 
than the population. Figure out a margin of error off the accepted dogma 
and you will be enclose the reality(which is rarely a point but more 
often a range of concepts and actions), but be carefull 
not to use too wide a range or your resultant is meaningless.  Sort of a 
catch 22 but she insisted that this was where the challenge and 
contemplatoin enter into historical study.(I met this lady at a 
mathematics conference a number of years ago in Arizona I don't remember 
her name since I was just a kid traveling with dad)  

Out of curiousity what are some good sources to read about the REAL story 
that braveheart is "based" on?  Thanks.

 Hopefully not opening a can of worms,

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