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RE: Finances

Greetings to all here at Cheapside, an appropriate place to discuss
Kingdom Finances and budgets.

A number of people have put forward assumptions or possibilities for
what the $1000 per year "Postage" entry in the budget is for.

--As Henry has posted, it is NOT for University Catalogs.

--It is NOT for postage of the Kingdom officers--that is what their
stipend is for (75$ per reign per officer).  That is a separate
item in the budget.

--It is NOT for postage of the Orders (Peerage or Kingdom).  The
Orders have always handled their own postage, either through donations
and raffles and fundraisers, or through asking their members to donate
stamps or SASEs.  I am in every single order, I am certain that no
significant cost of postage goes to the Kingdom from them.

--It is NOT for the Acorn.  The Acorn stipend (and costs) are not
mentioned on that budget.

--It is NOT for the Oak.  Costs for the Oak have always come from
leftovers of the Acorn stipend (that is, if Annie has money left
from her stipend, she uses that to print the Oak) or from fundraisers
specific to the Oak.

We all may wonder exactly what this $1000 is for, but I think that
people posting their theories have muddied the waters a little.