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FTP Archive

I have made the May archive of Merry Rose posts available by ftp.
Currently, all posts from January of this year through May are
available for anyone to download.  You can find them by ftping
to ftp.netcom.com.  Login as anonymous, with your e-mail address
as the password.  Then cd to /pub/lo/lovelace/atlantia.  There
you will find the files in pkzip format (formerly in gzip format,
but more people seem to have pkzip than gzip, oh well...).  If you
want more info, just ask.

In service,
Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Listkeeper, Merry Rose
 Tanner Lovelace | lovelace@netcom.com    |  D /       C /  Fence
 Arlington       | lovelace@capaccess.org | ()~    --+-\\   Fence
 Virginia        | lovelace@cuc.edu       | / >        | \  Fence
         Per chevron argent and azure, a wolf passant 
         sable between two compass roses conterchanged.