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Greetings from Ellwood!

Scripsit Lord Kendrick Wayfarer:

%The Barony of Storvik now has it's very own set of World Wide Web pages.
%If you have a web browser handy, point it at the following URL:
%http://metro.turnpike.net/L/lovelace/storvik.html.  If anyone out
%there has other SCA info on the web (Greg?) feel free to point to
%this page.  Thanks.

Well, it looks like Internet access is picking up in Falcon Cree as well. 
 At last
night's meeting, Dr. Markus proposed a web page for the Canton of Falcon
Cree.  Most people were in favor of it, but there was a dissenting voice in
the crowd.  It said, "Do we have permission from the SCA, Inc. to publish
such a thing on Internet?"   It also asked for a review of the page before 
was put out on the Web, and other somewhat paranoid (IMHO) questions
were asked such as, "What is to prevent some other organization from
'stealing' the information on the page and misrepresenting us and the

Since I have become the default "Internet-crat" for Falcon Cree (a title I
do not want), I thought I would pose the same questions to those who
have already created web pages for their SCA groups.

On a different note, a potential site for Kingdom 12th Night has been found.
In the hopes that it will be used, are there any requests for A&S topics
to be covered at the upcoming 12th Night?  Please e-mail your responses
directly to me at:  John.Thorpe@ClemsonSC.ATTGIS.COM

In surf-ice,
BBC  (nope, not tired of it yet 8^) )