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Ellwood wrote:

> Well, it looks like Internet access is picking up in Falcon Cree as well. 
>  At last
> night's meeting, Dr. Markus proposed a web page for the Canton of Falcon
> Cree.  Most people were in favor of it, but there was a dissenting voice in
> the crowd.  It said, "Do we have permission from the SCA, Inc. to publish
> such a thing on Internet?"   It also asked for a review of the page before 
> it
> was put out on the Web, and other somewhat paranoid (IMHO) questions
> were asked such as, "What is to prevent some other organization from
> 'stealing' the information on the page and misrepresenting us and the
> SCA?"
> Since I have become the default "Internet-crat" for Falcon Cree (a title I
> do not want), I thought I would pose the same questions to those who
> have already created web pages for their SCA groups.

The pages that I have put on the Internet are concerned about my 
Barony in particular.  In fact, many of them were taken directly
from our newsletter, the Drekkar.  The graphics I obtained directly
from the Baron, who was informed beforehand, and gave his support.
If someone from the corporation doesn't like it, well, then I guess,
I'll remove my link to the SCA home page.  I *really* don't think
there's an issue here.  As far as other people stealing the info
and misrepresenting you, I agree with you, Ellwood, that it's  
a bit paranoid?  What's to prevent the same thing from happening 
with what is published in your newsletter?  It sounds to me like
some of your people have technophobia.

I did a home page for another organization I'm in (a local juggling
club), and it has actually increased people's awareness of us and
brought more people to our meetings.  I can only see good things
coming from more web pages, or for that, more SCA information on the
net to begin with.  I would love to see an internet site like
atlantia.sca.org.  (I spent most of this afternoon looking for
heraldry info, as in clip art, on the net.)

Reading my first paragraph, perhaps I sound a bit testy.  What I'm
just trying to say is that this is essentially no different than
publishing a newsletter.  People have no problem with that, why
should they with this.

In service,
Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Storvik, Atlantia
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