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Re: It's My Armor

>     Your song was a welcome respite from the general buzz of
>     Serious Conversation that had come over the 'Rose.  Know you
>     more?
>     To me, even old songs are new again.
>     -i.                            kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
If you want songs I've got plenty.

Here's a melencholy piece that I rather like.  I will be posting more 
light hearted songs in the future.  A quick question though what is too 
baudy for this listserve since alot of the cute ones in stephen's song book


are a bit off color but not too bad.  Would a label in the title saying 
its baudy keep most people happy.(Just trying to be courteous to people 
who have different tastes than I.)


              The Burden of the Crown

                 By: Derek Foster

          The battlefield is silent, the shadows growing wan
          Though I may view the sunset, I'll not live to see the dawn
          The leaves have ceased to rustle, the birds no longer sing.
          All nature seems to wonder at the passing of our king.

          And now you stand before me, your father's flesh and blood
          Begotten of my sinew and the woman that I love.
          So difficult the birthing, the mother died that day
          And now you stand before me to bear my crown away.

          The hour is fast approaching, when you come into your own,
          When you take the ring and scepter and you sit upon the throne.
          Before that final hour, when we each must meet our fate
          Pray gaze upon the Royal Crown and marvel at it's weight.

          This cap of burnished metal is the symbol of our land
          Supporting all we cherish, the dream for which we stand.
          The weight, you'll find, is nothing, when you hold it in your palm
          The burden of the crown begins the day you put it on.

          See how the jewel sparkles when you gaze at it again;
          Each facet is a subject whose rights you must defend,
          Every point of light a burden you must shoulder with your own
          And mighty is the burden of the man upon the throne.

          My waiting now is over, my limbs are growing cold
          I can feel the angels waiting to receive my passing soul.
          Keep well for me my kingdom when my memory is dead,
          And forgive me for the burden I place upon your head.

Eric Jon Campbell Sr Textile Engineering at NCSU
(alias) Xavier Campbell amature blacksmith and brewer     
Virtual SCA Library                                                 
TAAS (Triangle Area Anime Society)