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[PENNSIC] *New* Fire Safety Rules (fwd)

greetings, good gentles!

haven't seen this appear here yet, so here goes...  this was posted on 
the rialto, for those who haven't seen it.  i have reposted it exactly as 
received, in its entirety.

					in service,


--- Forwarded message follows ---
Subject: [PENNSIC] *New* Fire Safety Rules
Date: 6 Jun 1995 23:17:12 -0400


The wait is over.  The following list of Fire Safety rules (Expanded by one
new rule) will be printed in the Pennsic Handbook (the one you get at the
door).  They may also be appearing in newsletters near you (not my


Fire Safety  (Help us keep campfire as one word.)

Fire prevention is the goal.  The following rules set a safety margin
for our circumstances.  They are reduced to the essentials and

Rule 1:  All camps must have required fire safety equipment.

*       One 10-BC extinguisher for every five liquid-fuel
flame-powered devices in camp.

*       Two fire buckets with water or sand for every fire pit.

*       Fire blankets are encouraged.

Rule 2:  All fire and flame sources must be attended.

*       Located inside camps:  All fires and flame sources must be

*       Located outside camps (i.e. street lighting projects):
Observation by Security is required.  (This means additional patrols
are needed.)

Rule 3:  All fuels for flame-powered devices must be handled and used
according to the following safety requirements.

*       Liquid fuels shall be stored and transported in state-approved
containers.  These containers are to be kept sealed and stored at
least 20 ft from flame sources.

*       Liquid fuels may not be discharged or thrown onto fires.

*       Use the manufacturer approved fuel with flame-powered devices.

Rule 4:  All flame-powered devices and fires must meet the following
safety requirements.

*       Flame-powered light sources must be spill-resistant (i.e.
screw-top canister).
*       Elevated flame-powered light sources must have shatter-proof
fuel containers.

*       No hand-carried torches allowed.

*       Fire pits smaller than 2 ft. across placed no closer than 10
ft to any structure.  (Small or cook fire rule)

*       Fire pits larger than 2 ft. across placed no closer than 20 ft
to any structure.  (Bonfire rule)

*       Elevated flame-powered light sources must be stable and
located a distance equal to their height plus one foot from any
structure or flammable ground cover.

*       When not elevated, flame-powered light sources must be placed
upon bare (turned) earth or within a fire pit.

*       No Open Flames are permitted Inside Tents.

Rule 5:  Fire Safety at Chirurgeon's Point:
*       No Smoking is permitted within 40 ft. of Oxygen in use.

*       No liquid fuel use is permitted within 40 ft. of Oxygen


These revised rules are released on the authorization of Alexis MacAlister
(6/6/95) to the Rialto and other electronic media.
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