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Crusades on A&E

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Greetings, Merry Rosers!

I quite enjoyed the A&E/History Channel presentation of _Crusades_, even though 
I could have done without the view of Terry Jones' appendectomy scar. :)

I have a question, though. Where is that huge black statue of Richard the 
Lionheart? I've never seen it before and I was curious about whether it is in 
England, France, or the Holy Land. Anybody know?

If it is in England, I will be irritated that I didn't get to see it the one and 
only time I was in that country. Guess I'll have to go back!  :)

(no longer FitzJames...I've been reading the Rialto too much and am afraid that 
"fitz" is too controversial...can anybody document the name "Zoot"?) ;)