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Re: (LONG/RAMBLE)Attempting to achieve "Spiff"

> A number of people point out that local
> awards and orders can't be given/formed by shires... Why? No
> representative of the Crown.  Okay, that makes some sense to me...
> Although there are still people in the shire which deserve recognition
> - and don't travel outside the shire very often.  (Okay, everyone
> knows the arguement..  And I realize that SOME things can be done by
> individuals.. but I think it would probably mean more if awards were
> given within the scope of the society.)

Isenfir, a 20-year-old shire (and happy as a shire), has several ways
we thank our folks, ranging from Thankyous in the newsletter, at
events and meetings, to giving out danglies at our events (last time
it was cookies-on-a-string with a pawprint in them, which matched the
theme of the event), to beads given out at dance practice by the
ladies of the shire for couteous behavior, to the Defender of the
Innocent, picked in a rapier tournament, who gets to carry a nice

All of these awards are "unofficial" and their names aren't guaranteed
to be unique. They still mean a lot, and they *are* given within the
scope of the Society, the way I see the Society. You don't have to
involve the BoD, Copora, or a official represenative of the king to
recognize hard work or achievements.

In service,

-- Gregory Blount