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Re: (LONG/RAMBLE)Attempting to achieve "Spiff"

>Because I have seen this debate before I know the answer you
>get first -- "Kingdom awards are for people who do kingdom service." 

I disagree.  I have seen people get "Kingdom level" awards for local service
in all three of the Kingdoms I have lived in.  (And I've lived in Atlantia
less than a year).  I think that service to a Shire or Barony (and service
to a Canton or College is service to a Barony) *is* service to the Crown. 
After all, the shire "belongs" (reports to?) to the King very similarly to
the way a Barony does.

In other words, if one is performing service to one's Shire, one *is*
performing service to one's Kingdom!  The problem in no awards is that the
King can't get to outlaying Shires as often and the local butt busters can't
get to Royal Progresses (progressi?).  However, I HIGHLY recommend letters
to the King to recommend awards.  The King has every right to request that a
local official give awards in his absence.  I've seen knightings done in
abstentia, and AAs.  I even know someone who got a Pelican in abstentia.

But back to the subject of the original letter -
Although your Shire may not be able to give out "Official" awards, there is
nothing anywhere that stops you from calligraphing and illuminating the
spiffiest "Thank You!" on record.  There is nothing that stops you from (for
example) giving your herald a goblet with ribbons of the Shire colors as a
reward for good service.

There is also nothing that stops you from writing a letter stating:

"Unto your most regal Magesty,

I live in the Shire of Back-of Beyond.  In our Shire there is a certain Mary of
Back-of-Beyond who is worthy of notice.  She has autocratted four local
events with wonderous results.  She is always the last to leave any event
and makes sure the site is spotless.  She weaves and embroiders.  She made
our Shire Banner.  She teaches others her skills.  I would like to recommend
her for an Award of Arms.  I have checked and she does not already have one.

Her Mundane Name is Mary Smith.

Unfortunately, due to our distance from the rest of the Kingdom, she is not
able to participate in non-local events.  Is it possible, should you deem
her worthy of an AA, to discuss a way of awarding it?  Enclosed is a Self
Addressed Stamped Envelope.

Martha of Back-of-Beyond
Martha Jones
Phone number"

Send it to the King and Queen.  (If recommending for a polling order, send
it to the clerk of the order as well.)  Other members of your Shire can also
send similar letters.

(Any former King or Queen or member of a Royal entorage, please feel free to
offer additional suggestions as to the content of a letter of recommendation!)


        - Anarra Karlsdottir
          Terry L. Neill