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Re: (LONG/RAMBLE)Attempting to achieve "Spiff"

Greetings from Ellwood!

Scripsit  Gregory Blount:
%> A number of people point out that local
%> awards and orders can't be given/formed by shires... Why? No
%> representative of the Crown.  Okay, that makes some sense to me...
%> Although there are still people in the shire which deserve recognition
%> - and don't travel outside the shire very often.  (Okay, everyone
%> knows the arguement..  And I realize that SOME things can be done by
%> individuals.. but I think it would probably mean more if awards were
%> given within the scope of the society.)

[...Isenfir examples deleted...]

%All of these awards are "unofficial" and their names aren't guaranteed
%to be unique. They still mean a lot, and they *are* given within the
%scope of the Society, the way I see the Society. You don't have to
%involve the BoD, Copora, or a official represenative of the king to
%recognize hard work or achievements.

Well said Gregory!  Whether the award/reward is a public acknowledge-
ment or a quiet personal thank you or gift, the recognition itself is
just as valuable as an "official" award from the landed nobles.  People
*like* knowing that their work/effort/skill/etc. is appreciated.  For
some folks having "official" recognition just adds that extra special
touch.  YMMVOC.  (oops--Your Mileage May Vary Of Course)

One thing I have noticed, though.  In some areas, people pursue awards.
Since I try to follow a fairly altruistic philosophy (yes, I do some
things in enlighted self-interest, too), I have a hard time
understanding people who want the glory.  I get along with them just
fine--I just don't understand them... 8^)  But if that is part of what
makes the game enjoyable for them, so be it, I can support that(in
fact, as a herald and a scribe, I actually *do* support it).

In service,