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Re: (LONG/RAMBLE)Attempting to achieve "Spiff"

Greetings from Ellwood (again)!

Scripsit Landi:
%   I'd like to offer one addition to the many excellent suggestions
%already posted.  Remember that _anyone_ can give an award.  If you
%see someone do something worthy of note, there's no reason you can't
%announce at the feast table, "Hey folks, this person did a really neat
%thing and I'd like to present them this token of appreciation and
%thanks."  If you feel that you're too "newbie" to do it yourself,
%enlist the aid of your senechale or a "distinguished elder" of the
%shire.  It may not be "official", but it still feels good!  :-)

The people in Falcon Cree do this sort of thing.    For an outstanding
job at Feast of the Thirty, the canton seneschal gave the hall steward
a token in appreciation of his work.  Having him come up and present it
during court was a bonus.  When I presented my first scroll to the
barony, I was considered a member of the Nottinghill Coill
scriptorium and shortly thereafter, I was given a token of appreciation
by the Baron--it wasn't a title or induction into an order, it was something
in recognition of my service to the barony.  I was embarrassed by the
attention, but was pleased by the recognition itself.  I could site other
incidents of this nature, but I need to get back to work......

In service,

PS:       No, I don't work for the BBC, I work for AT&T GIS.  BBC
     stands for something....completely different than what
     you think. 8^)