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Call for submistions to _HELLAS_ journal

All -

Below is a (brief!) excerpt of a mailing I received from another listserv. 
I thought some of you all might be interested.

In addition to history essays, they are calling for essays on poetry and
literature and 'enlightened commentaries.'

If any are interested in getting more info, please E-mail.


        - Anarra Karlsdottir

>                       HELLAS
>                Call for Submissions
>HELLAS, A Journal of Poetry and the Humanities, is a
>literary and scholarly semiannual devoted to a
>rationalist reform of the arts. Of the 160 pages of each
>issue, 40 are devoted to poetry, especially metrical,
>that avoids prosaism and meaninglessness. The remainder
>is devoted to prose of different kinds, including not
>only serious scholarship, but a sprinkling of learned


>Hellas would like to publish essays in ancient, medieval
>and Renaissance history, preferably with some pertinence
>to literary studies, of interest to the general reader.
>These may be amusing or casual, but MUST be readable.
>Maximum length: 10,000 words.