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Re: Family arms, OOP

    Henry replies to my story of heraldic coincidence, too:

My initial arms idea for Henry Best was something to the tune of
sable, a satyr dancing and playing upon the pipes, in chief two
crosses crosslet fitchy or.

Months later, I looked up the mundane best family arms. There were about
8 versions. Five of them were sable, some charge or other, in chief two
crosses crosslet fitchy or.

Way spooky.

I'm afraid to look any further, lest I learn that the common term for
"cross crosslet fitchy" is "ecki"....

-Henry (two eckis) Best

    To Henry, Bested by the truth, from Yoo-Hoo who is delighted to
    hear from him again

    So it is true!  After all this time it finally comes out - a
    previous poster was correct:  your two crosses prove you are
    Dos Eqis!

    -Ianthe                             kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
    (Having visions of an early period Zorro-type, calmly defending
    linguistic mayhem from the forces of grammatic purity.)