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EVENT(August 26): Pennsic Pauper's Potluck

Greetings from Ellwood!

     I must apologize to Lady Anne Elizabeth on this one.  We
missed the July _Acorn_ deadline.  Since I am the triple
redundant co-autocrat (don't even ask) and have Internet access,
it had to go out through my account.  Torquil will be sending
flyers to seneschals sometime this week as a redundancy.

     Even grouchy old Ellwood had fun at this event last year,
so come and join us!  The flyer we are sending to the _Acorn_
even as you are reading this should look something like what
is at the end of this message

In Service,
Ellwood, BBC

 ----------- >8  cut and save for your friends!  8< --------------

          Pennsic Pauper's Potluck
              August 26, 1995

     CALLING ALL THE NOBILITY!!!  Come and see how the other
half lives!  Come incognito to this BELOW THE SALT event.  There
will be a heavy weapons Team Woods Battle.  Bring your own team
or come and be assigned to one.  Teams will consist of 4 to 6
fighters.  Children's activities will be provided; including a
boffer tourney.  If you have smalls requiring supervision, please
plan on donating at least one hour of your time to helping with
the children.  There will be an open A&S competition.  Entries
may be displayed or worn.  Documentation IS REQUIRED;  entries
without documentation will NOT be judged.  Also, documentation
is limited to ONE page.  There will be indoor gaming tournaments
including Tarot Trumps, a Morris Tourney, and other games.  The
feast will be a potluck dinner.  We will provide a variety of
roasted meats.  Please bring a side dish or dessert to feed 6
to 8 people.  Suggestions according to the first letter of your
modern last name: {A-G Dessert,  H-O Protein:(cheese, meat or
beans), P-Z Fruits & Vegetables}  Refrigeration and reheating
is VERY limited.  If it must be kept cold, please plan on
bringing a cooler.  THERE WILL BE NO COOKING ON SITE!!!  After
feast, plan to stay a while for a bardic circle and for dancing!

     The event fee is $5.00 for members, $8.00 for
non-members.  Children under 6 are free, but need to reserve
space for seating.  The amount of meats being prepared will be
based on pre-registration so please register early!  There is
also a $2.00 per car park entrance fee, so (if you can) plan to
pack that car or van FULL!  Camping is available through the
park.  The fee is $12.00 per campsite (limit 2 tents, 6 people)
payable to the park at the general store.  This site is
STRICTLY DRY!  Site opens at 9AM and they lock the gates at
10PM sharp.  So make arrangements to camp or be gone by 9:45PM.

Make registration checks payable to the Canton of Falcon Cree, SCA, Inc.

Mail to:  Torquil MacTaggart the Steadfast
          MKA:  Duston Mullins
          205 Cedar Circle
          Easley, SC   29642
          (803) 855-5251

Site Address:  Table Rock State Park
          246 Table Rock State Park Road
          Pickens, SC   29671

Directions:  The site is the BARN at Table Rock State Park.  It is
approximately 34 miles Northwest of Greenville, SC.  Take I-85
toward Greenville.  Then take Exit 51, I-385 to Greenville.  Take
Hwy 276-Stone Ave. exit.  Go to the bottom of the ramp and turn
right.  Follow Hwy 276 to Traveller's Rest and Marietta.  In
Marietta, turn left on Hwy 288.  At the flashing stop signal, turn
right onto Hwy 8.  At the stop sign at the end of that road, turn
left onto Hwy 11.  Turn right into the West Gate entrance of Table
Rock State Park (approx. 4 miles)  Then turn right into the park
and follow the signs to the barn.  (SCA signs will also be up)