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House hunting guides

Greetings unto the Merry Pranksters,

One of my Sword Brothers in Ansteorra has written me with a request. It seems
some friends of his down there will be moving to Northern Atlantia in the
fall (He's being transferred to Ft. Meade), and I have been tasked with finding
one of those nifty house hunting guides for the Ft. Meade area. If any of the
Lochmeri who live in that area could tell me where to find such a thing, I
and they would appreciate it. No need to clutter the Rose with answers, please
use private email. Thank you in advance.

In service,

   Corun MacAnndra   |		You would not like Nietzsche sir, he is
 Dark Horde by birth |	 		fundamentally unsound.
   Moritu by choice  | 						Jeeves