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Re: My Membership!

     Achbar -- Memberships usually take less time than this seems to have 
     taken. If your check has not cleared or your credit card not charged, 
     it may have gotten lost (which seems to happen fairly often). If your 
     check has cleared/card charged, call Renee at the office in Milpitas 
     at 408-263-9305 and find out about your membership.
     Unfortunately, Atlantia is one of 2 kingdoms requiring pay to fight. 
     Good luck!
     lurking from Calontir

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Subject: My Membership!
Author:  achbar@cybernetics.net (James Morrow) at CCGTWINT
Date:    6/14/95 9:06 PM

How Long does it take to reinstate a membership.  I mailed my $35.00 in 
before it expired. This was in the beginning of April. Since that time my 
membership has lasped.  I just got a reminder from Milpitas LAST WEEK!.  
I would like to fight soon and I can't do that without a membership.