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Family arms, OOP

This is kinda off-topic, but where else do I go but the SCA for
I just got a phone call from a library patron who needs the
mailing address and/or phone number for a company who traces
your family genealogy and/or comes up with your family
heraldry. I've seen these booths (boothes?) set up in malls and
at city festivals; they'll have a big map of the UK with all
sort of coats-of-arms around the border and then little plaques
with the family name and a "coat of arms" hanging on the walls.
This guy said the card he had (but lost) had said the company
was based in Danville, VA, but I've never heard of such a place
and I'm from there. Anybody out there know how to contact these
people? I need an answer by 5pm today, if at all possible. 
Please post to my personal email.

Elenore Spyrling
Shire of Drachentor
(mka Elizabeth Urbanik, librarian, Chatham, VA)