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Re:unsubscribe <atlantia-l info>

Hi patrons of the merry rose 
This article is the info on the listerver and the info on atlantia -l

in service

>>>>      info <atlantia-l@netcom.com>

The purpose of this list is to connect Atlantians, be they in Atlantia
or in residence elsewhere, for a quicker flow of news, questions, and
just general information. News: event annoucements, awards,
happenings. Questions: ask for directions from people in a certain
area, ask for crash space, getting in contact with someone,
clarifications, how-to questions/reference questions. General
information: tips on X you just discovered/have used in the past, FYI.
Certainly, these are only possibilities and not limitations on what
can be posted.

While this is not a moderated list as such, flames and general bad
manners will not be tolerated, and Lord Kendrick and Lady Elenore will
not hesitate to unsubscribe anyone who persists.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us directly.

Elenore Spyrling           Kendrick Wayfarer
eurbanik@leo.vsla.edu      lovelace@netcom.com

[Last updated Thu Aug  4 14:50:40 1994]
>>>> end
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