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Re[2]: Hal Bards

Henry (Hal) Best writes about people not singing to him, after Miriam asked 
about "viking halbards".

Leifr Johansson replied:

They don't sing TO you, Hal, they sing ABOUT you.  Of course, knowing how easily
embarrissed you get, no one has ever sung "Henry's Ankles" in your presence.  
But it's a big hit on Bawdy Song nights ;-).

In Service
Leifr Johansson "Si non tibi placet, non emendate agis"
To which I say:

A bottle of my best mead to any who will share this classic but rarely 
heard ballad with us, the patrons of the Merry Rose. Since spying Hal's 
ankles at University this spring, I have wondered why I hadn't heard any 
songs to praise such kingdom treasures!

Thank You,
Deoca of Elvegast

PS - Since taking the brewing track at that same University, I am producing 
some very drinkable mead. I really will bring a bottle to Pennsic with the 
author's name on it!