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Henry's Ankles

Deoca of Elvegast promises,
> A bottle of my best mead to any who will share this classic but rarely 
> heard ballad with us, the patrons of the Merry Rose. Since spying Hal's 
> ankles at University this spring, I have wondered why I hadn't heard any 
> songs to praise such kingdom treasures!
> Thank You,
> Deoca of Elvegast
> PS - Since taking the brewing track at that same University, I am producing 
> some very drinkable mead. I really will bring a bottle to Pennsic with the 
> author's name on it!
Dibs.  Just as soon as Aislynn and I finish it, we'll post "Henry's 
Ankles".  Could you make that two small bottles?  I like my wines dry, but I 
don't know Aislynn's tastes (other then her neck, of course).

In Service
the Singing Seneschals....