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My move

Greetings, all, and farewell for a short time.
I will be moving this Saturday to the lovely Sylva, NC.  I don't know what
kind of internet access I'll find there, so I'll be unsubscribing to this
list Friday, hopefully to resubscribe later on.  Does anyone know if there
are any local cybernetics numbers in the Sylva area (it's near Cullowhee and
Western Carolina-- that neck o' the woods)?
My new address will be 
Rt. 3 box 164
Sylva NC  28779

If anyone needs my new phone number, email me before Saturday.  After then,
if you call the old one YOU WILL NOT GET THE NEW ONE.  So if you think you
need it, ask now.
Hopefully my haitus from the Merry Rose will not be for too long, and I hope
to see many of you at events, as well as make many new friends in Sylva.
 Does anyone know when and where they have their meetings?  I'd like to get
involved as soon as I could up there.  Thanks.