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Re: Fwd: [Eric Jon Campbe: SONG:Woad & Men of Harlock]

>On Mon, 19 Jun 1995, Terry L. Neill wrote:

>> Rumor has it that 'Woad' was written by Donald Swann of 'Flanders and Swann'
>> fame.
>> Anyone know the truth of this?

>The same Donald Swann who put some of Tolkien's verse to music?

I don't know.  Did he?  Do you have recordings?  That would be neat!  The
Donald Swann I am thinking of teamed with Michael Flanders and they sang
hysterically funny songs.  Perhaps they are most famous for their animal songs.

"I'm a Gnu, A g-nother Gnu ..."

I know Swann did more serious music, as well.

        - Anarra