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Re: Fwd: [Eric Jon Campbe: SONG:Woad & Men of Harlock]

On Tue, 20 Jun 1995, Terry L. Neill wrote:

> >The same Donald Swann who put some of Tolkien's verse to music?
> I don't know.  Did he?  Do you have recordings?  That would be neat!  The
> Donald Swann I am thinking of teamed with Michael Flanders and they sang
> hysterically funny songs.  Perhaps they are most famous for their animal songs.

It was a song cycle he wrote called "The Road Goes Ever On".  It appears
on a tape/CD called "Poems and Songs of Middle Earth".  One side has
Swann's music (sung appropriately enough by an opera singer named William
Elven), and the second side has Tolkien himself reading his own poetry. 
There is also a beautiful book that has all the music for the songs,
embellished with Elvish characters by Tolkien.

> "I'm a Gnu, A g-nother Gnu ..."

Oh, he's a member of the Free Software Foundation? <ducking and running>

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