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Re: Henry's Ankles

Lord Hal writes:

> Dibs? Dibs? Aw c'mon Leifr. How unsporting! Claiming an award for a song
> you haven't even written yet. 

Well, far be it for me to tell Lady Deoca what to do with her bottles of
mead, but since you put it that way, all I can ask, quoting King Mufasa:

Lady Deoca, I formally request that you choose judges to consider the best
song written and presented to the Merry Rose on the Subject of Henry's 
Ankles (This being the ankles of Lord Henry Best, currently Chancellor of
the University of Atlantia, and resident of the Shire of Isenfir, songs 
about Henry VIII's ankles should not be considered).  I suggest that 
submissions be in by next Wednesday, June 28th, to the Merry Rose.  As 
judges I recommend Countess Ianthe and such others as you might wish.

Anyone wishing to offer alternate prizes and obtaining alternate panels 
of judges, is invited to do so.

> Earlier, you claimed it was popular. And you hadn't even written it.
> Now, you lay dibs on an award for it? And it still isn't written?
Actually, I have written the poem, Henry's Ankles, and presented it to mixed
reviews at last night's Stierbach shire meeting.  Lady Aislynn will 
lyrize (if that's the word) the poem to put it to music (my mistake in the
first place for saying Henry's Ankles was a song and not a poem ;-)).

> In light of all that, I could claim I already heard it and that it
> isn't the sort of song a norseman would sing. In fact, I can truthfully
> say that I have been unable to get a single norseman to even listen to
> the thing all the way through. At this rate, you are gonna get kicked
> right out of the viking halbard guild.

Ha! What would a late-period Englishman know of norse singing anyway.  I
assure you that I will not be kicked out of the viking Hal Bard guild any
time soon, or at least not until we form it.
> Ianthe? You are well known in academic circles for your linguistic advances
> in Henrish. Further, this whole "ankles" thing is Your Fault <tm>. Can
> you rescue me from Leifr's vaporsong?
Hal, there is no rescue for you.  My song is already in beta testing, and 
will be released "Soon".  Enjoy your last few days in your quiet country 
estate, because the viking Hal Bard Guild will be striking any day.

Warm up your pen, Baron Corun; start scribbling away, Lord Gregory 
Blount; you don't want Aislynn and I to win this by default, do you?

In anticipation of the contest,

Leifr Johansson