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Re: Up with Hal Bards, out with Words

Corun wrote:
<On the topic of Henry's (two eckis, no waiting) ankles, I don't have a
<but here a some limericks from Storvik's own limerick rake, me.

Ah, but my friend, it is a song!  Haven't you ever heard the lymric song, a
lively tune that any lyric can be sung to?  Surely someone in Storvik knows
this tune and can enlighten this rake!
To add to your wonderful verse:

There once was a lad known as Best
Whose ankles just surpassed the rest
As time went along
Deoca asked for a song
And the bards were put to the test

Now Henry was surely no flirt
Kept his attributes hid in his shirt
But in the name of the Saints
How the women would faint
When they saw his footprint in the dirt


P.S.  Please don't consider this a contest entry.  I am wisely staying out of
this one!