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Re: Meridies Mailing List

On Wed, 21 Jun 1995, Jeff Tyeryar wrote:

> Greetings:
> Can someone please mail me with the proper address of the Meridies 
> mailing list/listserve?
> Thank you.
> Beornheard
acording to their web page at


**begin **
Many of the computer literate members of the SCA read and respond on the 
Rialto, also known in
newsgroups as rec.org.sca. Meridians who are internet capable on their 
computers keep in contact
over the Meridian Mailing List. To join the Meridian mailing list just 
send mail to:
meridies-request@his.uab.edu Be sure to include your email address. 
**end ** 

a good number of the kingdoms with listserver groups advertise this fact 
on their web page a complete listing of the kingdom web pages can be 
found at 


in service

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