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More ankle puns (was: Re: This little Viking +...)

Greetings from Ellwood!

Scripsit Falcone Raassouli Ita Ravin:

%"I dropped my toothpaste", Tommy said crestfallen.

"Pass the sugar, please," Laura said sweetly.
"Victory is mine!" rejoiced Ralph winningly.

I'm an incorrigible punster.  Don't incorrige me.....  8^P

%P.S. No fair, Ellwood.  You used up all the puns while I was away!!!

Heralds don't pun.  We cant.....  The puns are starting to run rampant,
so don't be so combattant about it.  I was ready to field even more
puns, so they're still some left, right?  Some people just take a joke
and run with it.  I just wish Thalia didn't want to be so pedestrian--
laughter is good, and period!  *sigh*  I *tried* to be good....

At any rate, since Lady Thalia has requested that we desist, this
will be my last post of puns for awhile.

Leaving by your leave,