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Re: Up with Hal Bards, out with Words

{eogan posts limericks, falcone posts yet another version of the tuchux 
taunting song, and then inquires:}

> Is that the song, Eogan?

but it doesn't scan for limericks!  i think eogan's thinking of the tune 
off the bawdy balladeers tape that has 

ya, da da da da da

between each limerick.  yes?  no?
> Falcone

oh, and does filking count? 

alas, dear henry, you do us wrong
by proclaiming your modesty
to your bare... (ahem!) ankles the crowds do throng
delighting in their company

hal's ankles were all my joy
hal's ankles were my delight
hal's ankles my heart did warm
until lady thalia protested... ;) 



angharad melys, guard d'argent
sacred stone / windmaster's hill, atlantia

this post is close-captioned for the smilie-impaired...