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Re: Viking Axes

lady thalia wrote:

>           Finally, I would like to enter a plea to never have to read
>           another Subject Line much less Contents about Henry's
>           Ankles.  It has become silly, trivial and an irritant.

milady, the fact that so few of us seem to share your opinion is, imho,
why the net.gods have blessed you with a delete key. :) used properly, it
will spare you all of this silly, irritating trivia - and they've even
been kind enough to clearly label their subject lines, so you don't even
have to read it before you delete it! 

						...melys, who thinks the 
						perpetrators should be
						pun-ished appropriately -
						where's that rubber chicken?

angharad melys, guard d'argent
sacred stone / windmaster's hill, atlantia