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Re: Viking Axes

Poor Thalia,

    The "halbard" thread did not _become_ silly and pointless.
It always was. But I am sorry that it irritates you.

    Until such time as we can break atlantia-l into atlantia-stuffy-l,
atlantia-silly-l, and atlantia-petty-l, there may be no help for your
malaise except being grateful that people are good about their subject
lines. I recommend practising philosophy and hitting that ol' delete

I had no idea that my well intentioned gibe at Miriam about her spelling
would erupt into all this silliness. But there is nothing I can do about
it. If I told everyone "Please lay off the songs, guys, you might annoy
Thalia." they might label me No Fun. 

Possibly your mailer will let you filter out messages based on the subject
line. I still nuke anything with "Principality" that way, and will until
sometime in '96. Ask your local guru.

-Henry the Contrite but Helpless