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Re: Viking Axes

On Thu, 22 Jun 1995, Michelle Ringo wrote:

>           My dictionary shows that halberd also spelt halbert but
>           never spelt halbard is a 15th/16th century weapon with an
>           axlike blade and a steel spike mounted on the end of a long
>           shaft.  Are you sure that this is actually a viking weapon
>           at all?   How about the Lochaber ax instead?

Are you sure that this 'halberd' isn't being confused with the Danish 
broad axe?  I understand that Lochaber axes are 16th century Scottish 
>           Finally, I would like to enter a plea to never have to read
>           another Subject Line much less Contents about Henry's
>           Ankles.  It has become silly, trivial and an irritant.


Michael Limner

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