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The following is the schedule and information from the guts of the 
Collegium Borealis program book.  If you have any corrections or 
additions, it's TOO BLASTED LATE to get them in the booklet, but if you 
get 'em to me, I'll be able to post them on site.

If you *do* have an additional class, LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  
We may be cutting it a little close on class space.

Yours in Service to the Dream,

Lady Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal
Collegium Borealis Hot-Shot Kid Just Turned 21 Neener Neener Neener

Graphic Arts

Gilding Techniques for Painting and Illumination - Lady
Patricia du St. Clemont
Hands-on practice and observation; come see how it is done,
then get a chance to apply what you've learned!  Limit ten
A-245		10:00 AM

Artist Safety Tips for Working with Poisons - Lady Patricia
du St. Clemont
Lecture on the topic of how to safely deal with the toxic
substances used in period painting techniques.
A-245		11:00 AM

Designing Interlace - Her Ladyship Erica Poitevins
The cut & paste method.  An easy way to come up with a
unique interlace design for each project.  "This method
really works, and will have you designing beautiful
interlacing before you know it," comments a former student. 
Limit 12 people.
A-250		2:00 PM

The Great Outdoors
(And How To Survive Them)

Basic Camping - Lady Kristin Ailbe Anmchlaid
Fundamental camping skills for the beginning camper.
A-210		1:00 PM

Notes From Badger Camp - Lady Kristin Ailbe Anmchlaid
How House Drunken Badger does large group camping with a
Meal Plan for Pennsic.  The Badgers coordinate the care and
feeding of an ever-larger group each year, with ever-
changing logistics.  How do they keep their sanity and still
feed everyone?  Come find out!
A-210		2:00 PM

Early Medicine:  Healing in Nine Ancient Civilizations -
Lady Kristin Ailbe Anmchlaid
This course will be taught primarily from The Healing Hand
by Guido Majno, M.D.
A-210		4:00 PM


Persona 101 - Lord Herveus d'Ormonde
The basics of choosing your persona.  Heraldically, choosing
a time period and geographic location are top priority.
A-208		10:00 AM

Choosing an SCA Name - Lord Aodhan Doilfin
Pretty much self-explanatory, but very often misunderstood. 
Is it as hard as some folks have made it out to be?  What is
required by way of documentation?  Come find out!
A-208		11:00 AM

Heraldic Garb - Mistress Jaelle of Armida, Argent Snail
A slideshow depicting lots of ways you can use your armory
on clothing.  Come learn new and interesting ways to use
that device you spent so much time getting passed!
A-208		1:00 PM

Being an SCA Herald:  The Loud Parts
The basics of what to do if you're called on to do field
cries or court.
A-208		2:00 PM

Being an SCA Herald:  The Quiet Parts
Basic consulting and paperwork.
A-208		3:00 PM

Blazonry 202
Getting beyond the basics of heraldic blazon.  For heralds
and scribes, but also for other interested parties.
A-208		4:00 PM

Armory in Everyday Usage
The most common mundane and SCAdian  heraldry as we see in
the area, and how it is used or misused.
A-208		5:00 PM

Stupid Herald Tricks - Lord Evan da Collaureo, Kraken Herald
Heraldically Correct Humor.  This is what heralds do for
April Fools jokes, and whenever the blood level in their
caffeine streams gets too low.  Learn how to document Caid
Pennsic as a period personal name.
A-208		6:00 PM

Performing Arts

Almains from the Inns of Court - Gregory of Isenfir
Dances for lawyers?  No, no, just dances written down by
lawyers.  Learn about an under-appreciated source of
interesting dances.  I will hopefully be able to teach two
or three dances; a class handout will contain all the steps.
B-201		11:00 AM

Elizabethan Drinking Songs and Rounds - Gregory of Isenfir
While the Society has plenty of wonderful historical
alcohol, we often have a lack of historical drinking songs. 
This class seeks to remedy the problem.  Most songs will be
suitable for polite company, and only a few can be used to
insult sober people.  Learn now, and join me at Pennsic
for a BYOB travelling party on Wednesday night.  A class
handout will contain all the music and lyrics.  The
Incipient College of St. Stephen cheerfully reminds you that
this is a dry site -- no alcoholic beverages are permitted
on site.
A-250		1:00 PM

The Bransle - Baron Niall McKennett
Learn this wonderful period dance for that special
event/occasion -- dont be shy!

Schticking Along in Welsh - Meli ferch Iasper
So you've decided on a Welsh persona.  How to spice things
up?  What to discuss in persona?  Which Llewelyn was around
when your persona would have lived?  Where were the English
horning in where they had no business?  What is a good
Welshperson to DO?!?  Come to this class and find out!
Bring a sense of humor, be willing to possibly get up from
your seat and spout in Welsh in front of in front of
sympathetic friends, and depart with a helpful handout!
A-250		4:00 PM

Poetry and Women's Studies

An Introduction to Writing Poetry - Mistress Deirdre
Some of the joys and pitfalls of creating poetry in the SCA,
with special emphasis on writing in period forms.
A-205		10:00 AM

The Letter of the Dame de la Tour - Mistress Deirdre
The letter of the Dame de la Tour as it appears in Christine
de Pisan's The Book of the Duke of True Lovers.  The
discussion will center on the moral and social obligations
of a high-born lady in France around 1400.
A-205		11:00 AM

The Arnolfini Wedding Portrait - Lady Celyenen of Stow-on-
A close look at Jan van Eyck's famous portrait and explain
its images and symbols.
A-205		1:00 PM

Women in Islamic Lands - Xenophon Vaughn
The status of women in Islamic countries during the Middle
Ages.  This is a frequently misunderstood area of period
study; come hear how things were and how we often perceive
them to have been.
A-205		2:00 PM

Textile Arts

Note for all textile classes:  Directions are available at
the troll desk to the nearby fabric and crafts stores.

Japanese Dye Technique - Lady Elisabeth MacAlester of
This course will cover the history and practice of pattern
dying (shaped and paste resist) techniques used in Japan
between 900 and 1600 A.D.  Students will make a sampler of
shibori (thread resist) fabric to take home.  This is a two-
hour class.  The first hour will be mostly book-learning;
the second, hands-on practice.
A-247		10:00 AM

Constructing a Norman Gown - Lady Mari Elspeth nic Bryan
Participants will receive handouts containing step-by-step
instructions on how to draft a pattern for this gown and how
to fit it properly.  In addition to drafting patterns, we
will be cutting out and pinning gowns to fit.  So those
wishing to have a gown cut out and fitted should bring
measuring tape, scissors, pins (lots!) and cloth. 
Practicum.  Limited to ten people.  This is a two-hour
A-249		10:00 AM

Constructing a "Greenland Gore" Cotehardie - Lady Mari
Elspeth nic Bryan
Participants will receive handouts containing step-by-step
instructions on how to draft a pattern for
this gown and how to fit it properly.  In addition to
drafting patterns, we will be cutting out and
pinning gowns to fit.  So those wishing to have a gown cut
and fitted should bring measuring tape, scissors, pins
(lots!), and cloth.  Limited to ten people.  This is a two-
hour class.
A-249		1:00 PM

Creating Period Patterns From Diagrams in Books - Lady Aeron
Ever seen those small pattern drawings in costuming books,
and been frustrated that you don't have a full-sized pattern
from which to work?  Lady Aeron will show you how to fix
that annoying problem -- how to make big 'uns from little
A-247		3:00 PM

Embellishing Garb - Lady Marie Beatrize la Mora
Pearling, couching, and quickie trim braiding (if you want
to know what that means, take the class) to improve the
appearance of basic or advanced garments.  Perfect for that
day-court garb.  $3.00 for class materials for a hands-on
kit.  The instructor will be available after the class for
additional help.
A-247		4:00 PM

The Arts of War

Note for all classes, especially those in the arts of war: 
In case of particularly clement weather, some of these
classes may be moved to the Quad.  Please consult the troll
desk to find out whether a class has been moved.  If a class
is moved, the new location will be posted by the door to the
classroom as well.

Constructing Lorica Segmentata Armor - Lady Kristin Ailbe
How to construct this Roman-style armor, using metal or
B-201		10:00 AM

Battlefield Assessment - Honorable Lord Giacomo Vincenti di
This is a good class for chirurgeons, marshals, water
bearers, etc.  What happens on a battlefield?  When a
fighter needs to be assessed for fitness to continue, who
checks what and okays him or her, and by what means?
A-248		10:00 AM

Official Atlantian Marshal Training - Earl Marshal and
Deputy Earl Marshal
A-248		11:00 AM

Fighting Manuals - Baron Niall McKennett
A-248		1:00 PM

Armored Fighting Sword-Blows - Master Malcolm macMalcolm
Instruction on various SCA sword-blow techniques, with an
emphasis on developing speed and power while saving your arm
from destruction.
A-248		2:00 PM

A History of Masters-at-Arms - Sir Strykar
Learn what Masters-at-Arms were, and what was expected of
A-248		3:00 PM

Rapier Fighting With Cloak - Lord Aedan
B-201		3:00 PM

Early Manuscripts on the Subject of the Fighting Arts - Sir
Come learn about early period manuscripts that detail
fighting styles, teaching methods, etc. Excellent sources of
documentation and  information for the fighter!
A-248		4:00 PM

Rapier Fighting With Buckler - Lord Aedan
B-201		4:00 PM

Intermediate rapier - Honorable Lord Giacomo Vincenti di
Intermediate fencing techniques with the rapier.  Come learn
how to polish your style -- and polish off your opponents.
A-248		5:00 PM