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HEY-Wanna help at Collegium Borealis?

We still need *lots* of help at Collegium Borealis in order to make this 
first-ever event for the Incipient College of St. Stephen a success!

We'll need volunteers for the following:

  *  Registration "Trolls"

  *  Babysitting

  *  Set-Up & Clean-Up Crews
     (for the day classes as well as for the revel)

The Merry Rose Room will be in Robinson B-202 (all classes are either in 
Robinson or on the Quad -- see your copy of the ACORN for further 
information).  You will probably want to bring a picnic lunch and plan to 
eat out for dinner (or vice versa!).  There will be light refreshments 
prepared by the campus food services at the revel (in the Student Union 
Building I meeting room -- notice, that's a site change -- revel is in 

Also, if you plan on taking the CUE Bus, please note that the last bus 
leaves campus for the Vienna metro at around 7 or 8 pm (I don't recall 
off the top of my head, and the schedule may have changed since last I 
looked at it).

That's it for now ... please CALL me if you'd like to help with the event 
(as I'm on e-mail quite rarely, recently ... last I logged in was June 14 
or so).  Or volunteer on-site!  But if you plan to add another class to 
the schedule, DEFINITELY call.  ;)