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Re: Family arams, OOP

Okay, so I came on board this thread late.  Thought I'd add the story of 
one of my ancestors ...

Maier Masinter didn't know a lot of English.  Or maybe he was just 
distracted that day.  Or maybe ... well, nobody really knows.  The whole 
thing is shrouded in mystery thicker than a Caidan smog on red-alert day.

All we know is that when they asked him for his first name, he said, "Maier."

And when they asked him for his last name, he said, "Maier."

And his immigration records list him as "Myer Myers."  :)

Subsequent generations flip-flopped between using "Myers" and "Masinter" 
as a last name ... but that ain't near so amusing (geneaologically 
speaking) as the story of How The Biermans Got Their Name ...