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Re: Family arams, OOP

Countess Ianthe and Lord Phillip recount how their families' names
were altered by "helpful" immigration officials at Ellis Island.  The
most priceless example I've ever heard of comes from a TV mini-series
about a number of immigrant families that arrived in New York via Ellis
Island (though I'm told that it's taken from a real incident).

A young German man, thoroughly baffled and confused by the noise and
cacaphony of the main processing building, finally moves up the queue
to stand before the immigration officer's desk, hat in hand.  The
immigration officer tersely asks, "Name?".  However, the young man's
disorientation is so great that he cannot recall even his own name,
and replies, "Ich vergesse! (I forget!)"  The overworked immigration
officer, unperturbed, says, "Right! Ike Fergeson! Next!", and waves
the young man on...

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