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Attention duellists and archers!

The following is a forwarded message from Lord Kheldar the Fleet, who, in
case you didn't know, was named this past weekend the Baronial Bard!
 Congradulations Kheldar!
And, without further ado.........   heeeeeeeeeere's KHELDAR!!!!


Unto all Atlantian Duellists and Archers;

     July 22nd is a date you should all mark on your SCA calendars.  There is
an event called Lugnasadh (say: Loon'-ah-sah --E) hosted by Caer Dhaibidh
(Davidson, NC).  At this site there is a large forest, replete with trails;
and we will be hosting a rapier woods hunt complete with Combat Archers (yes,
combat archers).  If you are an archer or a duellist, come out and play!
 Archers will be required to wear legal rapier armour.  The Kingdom
Knight-Marshall will be present to oversee the activities.  Lord Michael Ryan
of York will be serving as Archer-Marshall in Charge, and Yours Truly will be
Rapier Marshall in Charge.  We will conduct rapier authorizations prior to
the Hunt.
     The only extra armour requirement we are making is that all participants
will be required to have a rigid camail (plastic, leather, whatever) covering
the back of the head and neck (especially neck) in case you get hit in the
head or neck.  We will _try_ to have a sheet of plastic and some duct tape in
case you come unprepared.
     If you have any questions, comments, answers, greetings, etc., please
feel free to contact me at the below listed phone numbers and addresses,

Yours in Service,
Lord Kheldar the Fleet

Lord Kheldar the Fleet
mka Bill Ham
Through July 5th (I'm house-sitting)
3016 Attaberry Dr
Charlotte NC  28205

After July 5th
2505-C Kilborne Dr
Charlotte NC  28205

end forwarded message

By the way, if you need to get a hold of Kheldar, please use the above
numbers.  Do not reply to this email address, as there will be no one here to
recieve it after Friday.  Thanks.