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Judging Henry's Ankles

     Greetings all from Lady Deoca,
     So, the quest for "Henry's Ankles" is turning into a true competition, 
     huh? This is wonderful. I will gladly attempt to set up a panel of 
     I think Leifr's suggestion of Countess Ianthe is a great idea and she 
     was the first to spring to my mind. Countess Ianthe, are you willing 
     to help judge "Henry's Ankles"?
     Duke Olaf, are you still out there? Having had so many, um, wonderful 
     songs written in your praise (Efen's a friend of mine :-), I think you 
     would provide knowledge and experience in this area. Would you be 
     willing to help judge "Henry's Ankles"?
     And Earl Dafydd, who would also lend experience and wisdom. Would you 
     consider helping to judge "Henry's Ankles"?
     I think that is a well rounded and pc group of judges. If everyone 
     agrees, we are ready to begin. 
     Now, about the deadline. Now that this has truely become a 
     competition, I don't think that next Wed. is enough time. Let's say a 
     week from Friday, June 30. If you know any bards that are 
     net.impaired, let them know about the competition. I'll give Efen a 
     call tonight.
     Thank you all for your interest. I am tremendously looking forward to 
     "hearing" the entries at the Merry Rose and hearing them at Pennsic.
     Are we having a Merry Rose gathering at Pennsic? Seems like an 
     appropriate time to present the prize for this competition. Let me 
     speak to Baroness Ceridwen and our Landocrat for the war and see if 
     they mind us hosting it at the Windmaster's encampment. I'll be back 
     in touch.
     Deoca of Elvegast